Az. Agr. San Gregorio in Sabina

Getting to know San Gregorio

History and features
Located in the town of Torrita Tiberina in the area of Sabina Romana, the San Gregorio farm was established in October 2011.
From a panoramic viewpoint...
Nature, "bio" and sustainability
Our small family-owned business is included in a specially protected area ("Zona a Protezione Speciale - ZPS" - Tevere Farfa), in between the regional natural reserves of MonteSoratte and...
The store "Km 0"
Like all our products, the oil we produce is kept in our own company site, and we pack and sell it to the public. You may taste our products in our shop, where you will also find craft-made customizable...
Weather station
From 8th February 2013 a weather station was installed in order to collect, send and store information on atmospheric conditions, 24/7, 365 days a year.