Az. Agr. San Gregorio in Sabina

The farm San Gregorio

Located in the town of Torrita Tiberina in the area of Sabina Romana, the San Gregorio farm was established in October 2011.
From a panoramic viewpoint, it overlooks the ancient village of Filacciano, in between the regional natural reserves of Mount Soratte and Nazzano - Tevere Farfa.
The toponym "San Gregorio", which appeared in the historical cadastral maps of the area and represented a recurrent item among other agricultural properties in the Lazio region, calls to mind the powerful Gens Anician, who gave birth to St Gregory the Great.
The owners bought the property in 1994 and since then they have been producing a sublime extra virgin olive oil, nuts, seasonal vegetables and fruits. Only recently they chose to turn the farm into a small family-owned business conducting organic farming.
That choice was determined by their wish to become niche market providers, thus focusing mostly on the quality of products.
San Gregorio is a small farm of around 10 acres, stemmed from the passion of a Chemistry Professor from Gorizia, who had bought the property in the 1950s, which originally consisted of a centuries-old olive grove.
After the frost of 1956, he replaced around 200 damaged plants with Raja and Frantoio cultivars. Of the original olive grove, a number of trees are still alive and fruitful.
In the late 90s, the new owners added a grove of around 170 trees of Moraiolo, Carboncella and Leccino cultivars, as well as a few other Itrana and Carboncella cultivars in 2014.
The property also includes a small walnut grove from 1995 and is surrounded by a plantation of mixed trees.